The influence of business groups on

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The influence of business groups on

Pinterest Every individual belongs to a group of some kind. People belong to some groups involuntarily, that is to say they have no choice in belonging to the group, they find themselves in these groups naturally.

And these are groups such as the family, ethnicity, race, class, gender and so on. Groups are very much a part of social life; indeed groups influence people greatly.

On the other hand people also have some amount of influence on groups that they belong to. People form attitudes based on the influence that groups have on them.

What are acceptable and unacceptable patterns of behaviour are learned from the group. Fact is, the norms that govern behaviour that the individual subscribes to are what the group determines and approves and what the group disapproves, the individual avoids.

The group also sanctions, in other words, rewards people for what it considers good behaviour and punishes those who violate standard rules of conduct and by so doing, behaviour patterns are reinforced in people.

The way people act also influences groups to formulate codes of actions. Groups formulate codes for observance by members, so they can maintain what they consider their ways. Groups are an inevitable part of human life, people cannot do without groups, and groups cannot do without people.

We are bound by our human nature to belong to groups, because we cannot live as islands. We are naturally drawn to groups because we are raised to become so dependent upon groups, for example, the family set up, relatives, neighbours and friends.

However, how we fit into and play our roles successfully within the groups that we find ourselves in, go a long way to determine the course of our lives. Definitions Defining a group can be difficult sometimes. Groups, however, can mean a collection of three or more individuals who interact about some common problem or interdependent goal and can exert mutual influence over one another.

There are groups that come into being for particular circumstances, and for sometime and are dissolved when they achieve their aim. A deliberate design 2. Specific purposes or goals 3. Emphasis and reliance on formal prescription of both acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Written rules and regulations Omni Media is a formal organization but, our focus would be on the informal group that evolves within a formal organization such as Omni Media and how that informal group within the institution can to a large extent determine how the organization functions.

The Individual The individual in a group is motivated by several factors. Some of these factors are primarily personal. I have classified them as egoistic, achievement and emotional.

The fact that you belong makes you have a good image of yourself, because you feel accepted and part of your society.

The influence of business groups on

By so doing, you achieve your personal goals. For instance if you have a good voice, you would want to achieve one thing, i. A singing group offers you the opportunity to achieve that aim.

People join groups where they can find the opportunity to achieve their aims. In times of sorrow, loneliness and difficulties, groups provide the needed emotional support to contain the situation.

So people would join groups to meet these needs. Groups and the Individual Individuals make a group. Individuals constitute even formal organizations. The organization brings together skillful individuals and sometimes even those without particular skills to perform functions that would eventually lead to the attainment of its objectives.

Like the human body, each part must work in cohesion to attain good health.Interest groups use a number of strategies to influence government policy to favour their beliefs and goals. Industry groups often have the financial resources to influence politicians by making donations to their re-election campaigns - this creates an obligation by politicians to help the industry groups  · Pro-business lobby groups wielding big influence in Legislature, Democrats say News.

small number of pro-business lobby groups led by the Kansas Chamber, Americans for business-lobby-groups-wielding-big-influence-l. · Countries including China and India are pushing for tighter rules on business groups attending UN climate meetings, saying possible corporate influence The Influence of Interest Groups on Public Policy Words Jan 13th, 8 Pages These groups may also be known as advocacy groups, pressure groups, or lobbying Under the Influence: How the Group Changes What We Think Researchers Study What Gives Social Norms Their Power.

· This quarter we focus on how perceptions of “group membership” can influence whether others decide to help us in emergency situations. A British study reported in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that bystanders are more likely to help strangers in distress when they recognize such strangers as belonging to a common

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