Assignment technique

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Assignment technique

Training is a learning process that involves acquisition of knowledge, skills, behavior and attitudes. It is an important activity within the organization that leads to skilled behavior of workforce.

This business assignment help research paper is mainly based on management development techniques that are used by the organizations for training and development purpose Shen, Management development can be described as process that is not only useful to learn and improve skills of managers, but also for the employees of the organization.

Assignment technique

The management development process is the type of management learning because it is a planned process. The main purpose of the research is to explore management development techniques that are useful in training and development.

The management development methods have greater significance in training and development in terms of optimum utilization of human resources, development of new skills in employees, improvement in productivity and performance, develop team work sprit, create healthy work environment etc.

In this paper, there will be a discussion of different techniques that are useful in training and development of managers as well as employees. Along with this, the implications of research for further studies and business firms will Assignment technique also discussed in this paper.

According to Feethe techniques of management development programs are divided into Assignment technique categories that are: The change and development are two main factors that contribute to the increased need of training and development in organizations.

There are number of management development techniques that can be utilized for training and development purpose.

Some of them along with their roles and importance in training and development are discussed below — On the Job Training Methods: The author stated that this method promotes creative thinking in employees due to a rich experience in a variety of matters.


Additionally, job rotation technique is also helpful to identify most suitable position for executives on the basis of performance during training period on different departments.

Along with this, this method helps the manager to learn different aspects, roles and responsibilities of variety of jobs that plays an important role in overall development. On the other hand, Mumford stated that job rotation upsets or disturbs routine working system within the organization due to transfer of trainees from one job to another job or sometimes from one branch to another.

The writer also told that this method can increase cost of the organization due to additional developmental costs as well as loss of work during job rotations.

But overall, job rotation is an effective training and development technique because there may be significant long-term benefits from this method.

Management Development Techniques Assignment Help

It is also an on the job type of method that is used by the managers or organizations to train and develop existing as well as new employees.

As discussed by Robinsoncoaching refers as a process in which all trainees are placed under a senior manager or external expertise to develop new skills and increase knowledge. Along with training, this method also provides opportunity to employees in order to interact with high level managers or executives that help to develop managerial level skills.

The writer stated that this method is more effective if the supervisor has sufficient time to provide coaching or training to their subordinates.

At the same time, Pardey stated that there are some factors such as coaching coasts, standard of teaching, conflicting goals and lack of proper supervision that can effect purpose of training and development programs. Along with this, this method needs to hire external expertise to provide coaching because of effectiveness of this method mainly relies on ability, skills and knowledge of trainer.

So, it creates additional costs for the organization due to services of external trainers for training and development programs.

This method is useful for training purpose through involvement of trainees in meetings and sessions of committee to develop problem solving as well as decision making abilities. They also stated that as compared to other on the job methods, it is relatively inexpensive and required less time from senior management.

Along with this, multiple management method also helps the organization to identify employees who have managerial skills and capabilities of an effective manager. This is the main drawback of this technique in training and development programs. They also stated that multiple management system does not permit any specific attention to training needs of managers due to limited scope.

Under this approach, a particular problem or issue is given to individuals who participant in training in order to solve on the basis of their understanding, skills and abilities. The exercise is useful for the firms to develop problem solving and decision making skills in their executives and other employees Gary, Along with this, this training method is also useful for management to address challenges or problems by developing problem solving ability in managers.

Off the Job Training Methods: It is the concept of more practical situation as compared to other management development techniques.

Assignment planning:

Role-playing is a training and development method in which different roles like production manager, quality controller and supervisor are assigned to participants or trainees to develop required skills and abilities of these positions Sogunro, Along with this assignment help, role-playing method is also useful to examine role as well as performance of each one who participate by the comparison of performance before and after the training program Shen, At the same time, there are some disadvantages of this method such as potential impact on routine works, time-consuming, lack of emphasis on theoretical foundation etc.

But overall, role-playing is a unique management development technique as compared to others due to its potential to transfer theoretical concepts into practical knowledge.

As discussed by Hurn simulation is a virtual medium that can help to develop various types of skills in managers and employees by providing training in supportive environment.I recently read an article that stated the original Fortune list of companies published in ; of them are no longer in business or have.

1. Choose an assignment that a) you are genuinely interested in how students work through it b) your students are likely to benefit from focusing on it and c) t he assignment is complex enough to provide and interesting analysis. 2. Assignment 4: Statistical Analyses Assignment Description In this assignment, you will practice methods you learned in class for descriptive and inferential statistical analyses.

You will use the data you collected and the scales you constructed in the previous assignment (Assignment 3; Scale Construction) as a basis. The NAF-technique is a technique you can use at the end of your session to choose the best idea.

NAF stands for New, Attractive and Feasible. With the NAF-technique you will categorize your ideas in three categories, being new, attractive and feasible.

Management Development Techniques Assignment Help Training and development is an important part of human resource development that is designed to enhance fulfillment and performance of employees.

Training is a learning process that involves acquisition of knowledge, skills, behavior and attitudes.5/5(K). Simple randomization. Randomization based on a single sequence of random assignments is known as simple randomization.[] This technique maintains complete randomness of the assignment of a subject to a particular group.

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