An introduction to the issue of skinhead violence

Recently, an outbreak of racist-related violence surged through the suburbs of Denver, Colo. Miller Recently, an outbreak of racist-related violence surged through the suburbs of Denver, Colo. My first encounter with these young racists took place ina time when I, like many police officers, was totally unaware of this new type of street gang and what its members believed in. In fact, during my first encounter with them, I wondered if they were possibly a support group made up of kids undergoing chemotherapy.

An introduction to the issue of skinhead violence

A report in The Washington Postpublished on November 25,showed violent right-wing-related incidents up, and left-wing-related incidents down. Total domestic terrorism incidents was down to 41 infrom a high of inbut then went up to 65 in The report found that was a particularly deadly year, with 11 people dying in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting2 others in an incident in Kentucky, and two more in a shooting in Tallasshee.

All three incidents were right-wing related. A former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, is quoted as saying that "[political leaders] from the White House down, used to serve as a check on conduct and speech that was abhorrent to most people.

I see that eroding. The current political rhetoric is at least enabling, and certainly not discouraging, violence.

In , an East Berlin punk concert was attacked by Skinheads. This event and others like it provoked sustained outcry in the German Democratic Republic in the last years of the s. The political opposition transformed public outrage over Skinhead violence into broader critiques about ‘real-existing socialism’, especially by using the Western media . Dec 01,  · Recently, an outbreak of racist-related violence surged through the suburbs of Denver, Colo. This included the shooting of a police officer before the gunman, a reported white supremacist skinhead. Because of their beliefs and actions, the skinheads should be recognized as the "new Nazis.". Threats against Bush at public protests. A protester with a sign saying “Kill Bush” and advocating that the White House be bombed, at the March 18, anti-war rally in San Francisco.

Not only that, but a criminologist from John Jay College stated that right-wing attacks were statistically more likely to result in fatalities. On 18 Augustfour members were driving a car carrying explosives, apparently in an attempt to bomb the offices of SOS Racisme.

However it exploded while they were still in it, killing all four of them. Sonacotra hostels in Cagnes-sur-Mer and Cannes were bombed, killing Romanian immigrant George Iordachescu and injuring 16 people, mostly Tunisians. In an attempt to frame Jewish extremists for the Cagnes-sur-Mer bombing, the terrorists left leaflets bearing Stars of David and the name Masada at the scene, with the message "To destroy IsraelIslam has chosen the sword.

For this choice, Islam will perish. Far-right politics in Germany and Terrorism in Germany Ina right-wing terrorist attack in Munich, Germany killed the attacker and 12 other people, injuring Fears of an ongoing campaign of major right-wing terrorist attacks did not materialize.

In Novembertwo members of the National Socialist Underground committed suicide after a bank robbery and a third member was arrested some days later.

Right-wing extremist offenses in Germany rose sharply in and The group, which held racist, antisemitic, and anti-Muslim views, eventually attracted 30 members.

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Italy[ edit ] In the s and s, Italy endured the Years of Leada period characterized by frequent terrorist attacks: Even some of the terrorist attacks ascribed to a particular political group may be in reality the work of these rogue agents: The Years of Lead are considered to have begun with the Piazza Fontana bombing in Milan in December[54] perpetrated by Ordine Nuovoa right-wing neofascist group.

The group also carried out the Piazza della Loggia bombing inkilling eight antifascist activists. First he bombed several government buildings in Oslokilling eight people and injuring more than Far-right politics in Poland Despite the country being nearly ethnically and religiously homogenous, Polish far-right targets, via propaganda or physical violence, religious and ethnic minorities such as Jews, Romani peoplepeople with darker complexion or Middle Eastern appearance.

There have been reports of hate crimes targeting the Muslim minority in Poland. Far-right and right-wing populist political parties and organizations fuel fear and hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Russia[ edit ] The Savior was a neo-Nazi militant nationalist organization which claimed credit for the August Moscow market bombingwhich killed Media reports indicate that the market, located near Cherkizovskywas targeted due to its high volume of Central Asian and Caucasian clientele.Due to consistent dangerous behavior incompatible with the antifascist movement, this is a declaration of separation from the group known as Great Lakes Antifa (also known as Nashville AntiFa).

An introduction to the issue of skinhead violence

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Reconstruction era. The term "white terrorism" is used by scholars to label terrorism committed against African Americans during the Reconstruction According to George Michael, "right-wing terrorism and violence has a long history in America".

Right-wing violent incidents began to outnumber Marxist incidents in the United States during the s and s.

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Racial violence in the United States is poorly understood. Despite a plethora of excellent studies, there is little consensus about what racial violence is or how it should be studied.1 In Horowitz Donald ‘Racial violence in the United States’ in Glazer Nathan and Young Ken (eds.

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